Introducing Relieve and Agastya from Samahit

The Oil Collective is a lifestyle brand which delivers to you great products that improve your health and wellness. It is with this goal in mind, we work with local organic farmers to source the best quality cold-pressed oils.

During our journey, we had the opportunity to come across some amazing people in Mysore who are working towards a similar goal. It is with great pleasure that we’d like to announce our partnership with Samahit Enterprises, a Mysore based social enterprise. Samahit is for the most part run by a group of women, with the support of seasoned entrepreneur, Mr. K.N. Arun.

relieve napkinSamahit has built a modernised sanitary napkin manufacturing facility based on Mr. Arunachalam Muruganantham’s mini-machines. Relieve, their flagship product, is an eco-friendly sanitary napkin. It is chemical free, UV treated and is 95% bio-degradable. For the past 3 years Samahit has been active in Mysore and has been distributing around 2,000 napkins free of cost to government schools every month. During last years floods in Chennai, Samahit sent about 30,000 napkins at cost, with the support of a NGO.  

agastya washing powderLast year Samahit launched their second product, Agastya, a chemical free, all natural washing powder. Made from himalayan variety soap berries and a mix of other herbs, Agastya is a great replacement for your regular chemical filled washing powder, and it's scent is divine.

We are happy to offer Agastya and Relieve on our webstore. The packaging for both Agastya and Relieve are designed by a Mysore based artist and are eco-friendly as well. Samahit’s mission is to introduce products that will help people lead a natural and healthy lifestyle, while providing employment and livelihood to underprivileged women. As they are developing more products, we will be thrilled to offer them soon on the webstore as well.

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  • Indumathi Arunan

    Hello, I just got introduced to one of your products (Agastya) which I bought from the Desi Store in Bengaluru. Quite happy with it and I will be buying more. Also very interested in the sanitary pads and will give that a go too!
    Thank you for making these eco-friendly products!

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