Oil Pulling: The Secret Ayurvedic Trick for Oral Health

As Indians we have inherited a rich heritage, of not only art and culture but also science. We come from the land of Vedic Maths and Ayurveda and yet we constantly look to the West as the golden standard for health and wellness.

Thankfully they have begun to look Eastward for unique ways to improve their health whether it is acupuncture or even an ancient geisha face mask. It is ironic that I thought that I learnt about oil pulling from an article in Cosmopolitan, when my mother had actually been entreating me to do it for the longest time! Let’s chalk this up to another “Mama Knows Best” moment in my life.

But nevertheless, after reading about this in Cosmo I decided to do my own research and figure out exactly why oil pulling was considered the panacea for all oral ailments. To my great surprise I found out that oil pulling isn’t just for your teeth and gums, it is also attributed to:

  1. Healthy Sinuses
  2. A Better Respiratory System; especially for those suffering from asthma and allergies
  3. Beautiful Skin
  4. A Miraculous Hangover Cure
  5. Reduced Bloating
  6. Reduced Blood Sugar
  7. Improved Joint Health
  8. Alleviating symptoms of Eczema
  9. PMS Pain Reliever
  10. Reduced Risk of Heart Disease
  11. Improved Migraines

While this sounds nothing short of miraculous, like every other Ayurvedic cure there isn’t enough Western scientific evidence to support all these wonderful results. I figured that there wasn’t any harm in trying it and decided to do so.

I figured that if I used a food grade organic oil such as this Coconut Oil, I couldn’t possibly be harming my body in any way. At worst it would be a waste of time but that was just about it. And boy! I am so glad I decided to incorporate oil pulling into my oral health regime.

I have been oil pulling with organic Coconut Oil for well over 6 months now and I have noticed the following effects:

  1. Whiter Teeth
    This is a huge deal for me because I have extremely deformed teeth that are hard to brush. So to see them whiter and healthier is such a nice change.

  2. Reduced Sensitivity
    While I have no cavities I do have the occasional sensitivity to extremely cold things and oil pulling has certainly reduced this by a very large extent.

  3. Better Skin
    Though I have adopted an extremely stringent skincare regime that included oil cleansing, I feel that oil pulling has helped make my eczematic skin look less dehydrated.

  4. Improved Morning Breath
    I am not kidding when I say that my morning breath could probably knock out a fully grown elephant. But oil pulling has certainly helped reduce this to a very large extent. Obviously I don’t wake up with breath as fresh as a daisy but I no longer feel the need to rush to the washroom with such haste.

So what is the technique, you ask?

You need to take a teaspoon of any oil of your choice and swish it in your mouth for 10-20 minutes after brushing, flossing and cleaning your tongue. Once done with this, you need to throw the oil out and brush your teeth mildly to get rid of any oil residue.

That’s it! It’s as simple as that!

Now here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Oil To Be Used
    Traditionally Ayurveda suggests that you use either Sesame or Sunflower Oil and while these both are great I personally used Coconut Oil. The reason why I did so initially was because that’s what Cosmo had suggested but eventually when I got to know about the anti-bacterial properties of the oil it made sense to use it. But go with your gut and use whichever oil is easier to find for you.

  2. Do Not Swallow The Oil
    After swishing the oil in your mouth do not by any means swallow it. It will now contain all the toxins you want to flush out of your body, taking it back in is counter intuitive.

  3. Is the timeframe set in stone?
    No, it certainly isn’t but it’s a good guide for you to work with. Ideally when you spit out the oil it should be white and therefore filled with toxins so keep that in mind and atleast try to do it for 10 minutes.
    You will find that when you swish the oil in your mouth it will double or even triple in quantity due to the saliva in your mouth.This is normal so don’t get freaked out like I did!

Now you are all set to practise the ancient Ayurvedic Trick for Oral Health and do comment below when you see great results!  

Author: Nivanya M

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