Requirements for listing product on Amazon

The first step is to register on Amazon as a seller and get access to the category (categories) that you're interested in.

In order to do this, you'll need the following

  1. Spreadsheet with product information 
  2. High-quality photographs of your products
  3. EAN number (barcode, it's possible to do this Amazon Standard Identification Number or ASIN)
  4. Proof of purchase or manufacture of the product (invoice etc.), we were asked for 3 invoices.
  5. If you're buying the product from someone else, you'll need permission to sell it from the supplier.
  6. Licences required by the government e.g. for our products we need FSSAI (food safety licence).

Once you have these available, it's a simple task of sending all this to the amazon seller team. They'll go over all this and let you know if everything is in order. We got a response from them in under 24 hours.

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