What are the different types of coconut oils?


There are a lot of different types of coconut oils available in the market. Have you ever wondered which one you should pick up if you need to use it for your hair or your skin? Which one is the right one to fry stuff in? Here's a small comparison that might help.

Refined Raw Cold Pressed Extra Virgin
Source Dried Coconut (Copra) Dried Coconut Fresh Coconut
Smell Neutral, the refining process removes the smell & color from the oil. Coconut scent. Retains natural smell & color. Sweet coconut smell. 
Retains natural smell & color.
Smoking point 205 °C 175 °C 175 °C
Processing Steam / chemical refined Cold pressed using Wooden Ghani Centrifuge or Seperator
Uses Cooking & Frying Cooking, Hair & Skin Salads, Cooking & Skin
MCT & Lauric Acid 60% MCT & 45-50% Lauric Acid
60% MCT & 45-50% Lauric Acid
60% MCT & 45-50% Lauric Acid


  • The Oil Collective

    the link below has links to other studies done on this topic that you may find interesting

  • Thomas Verghese

    Does anybody have any details – links – to published papers at reputed forums world wide on the benefits of Cold pressed Coconut oil

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