About us

At The Oil Collective we strongly believe in a green and sustainable way of living. In our everyday lives, we strive to reduce waste and dependence on harmful chemicals. As an example, we make our own toothpaste and brush using it, we create our own hair shine products, have our own shaving cream and beard oils.

The base of all these great products is the extremely versatile coconut oil. Unlike others who use expellers to produce their oils, our coconut oils are produced using a Ghani. By doing this we not only ensure the oils are of excellent quality, we also stop a dying artform from disappearing from our beautiful state.

Our family has been in the oil business for three generations and we have our own labs to help us test each batch of oils that are produced. This ensures the consistency and purity of our oils and helps us be a 100% confident in the product we're selling.

We're proud to be a local Bangalore, India based startup & if you'd like to get regular updates from us, we'd love for you to follow us on facebook.