Freelance Writer

If researching new topics excites you and you've got a way with words then this might just be the ideal gig for you. We're looking for someone with a conversational, engaging style of writing. You'll have to research the topic and work to a deadline.

Job Responsibilities

  • Research a given topic
  • Write an original blog post of upto 500 words
  • Perform other content creation duties as assigned

Ideal Candidate

  • We'd expect you to show us previous content that you've created to help us figure out your style of writing
  • You'll be expected to produce original content (we'll use a simple checker to make sure the content is original)
  • You'll have to work to a dealline

Why Join Us?

  • We're starting something new & are very excited by it
  • We pay a fair market rate not just to our suppliers & farmers but also to anyone who works with us
  • We are extremely open to new ideas and suggestions
  • We believe in giving credit where credit's due, your name will be on each article or post you submit

How much will it pay?

  • Rs. 1500 per published blog post
  • We might need you to edit articles before they are published to meet the companies style

Send your CV to and we'll get back to you ASAP.