Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (RETAIL)

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What is Virgin Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil can be made using either raw coconut or dried coconut. Our Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is made using raw coconut and the wet process. What differentiates our oils from others is that we use a high-quality centrifuge to extract the oil and separate the oil & water.
Many producers use hexane to increase the quantity of oil produced. We believe in reducing chemicals from our daily lives and have decided to not use such techniques thus resulting in lower yields & higher quality.
If you like, you can try and make your virgin coconut oil, follow the instructions on WikiHow.
  • Made from pure, organic coconut milk
  • Hexane-free
  • Centrifuge extraction
  • Contains lauric acid which kills harmful pathogens
  • Excellent multi-purpose oil - Natural moisturiser, scalp care, dental hygiene
  • Gives your pets a shiny coat
  • Can make a delicious coconut milk coffee

Benefits of coconut oil

Have a look at this Healthline post for details on the benefits of virgin coconut oil.

  • Contains good fats
  • Can be used for the face or hair
  • Coconut oil can help protect teeth
  • Has been known to help with weight loss
Use extra virgin coconut oil in your life and see the difference!