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Made with Love In India

We started The Oil Collective when one day we went to a supermarket reading labels of the products there. What we found was astonishing. We decided there had to be a way to get pure, chemical free products that were completely free of GMO ingredients, palm oil or other mineral oils. Our search leads us to some farms outside Bangalore and farmers who were using traditional techniques to farm their crops. They used cow dung and organic waste as fertilisers, neem oil for pest control. We found a free soul who drives around on his motorcycle through the forests of Mysore and zealously defends these farmers. We were in love.

We decided we had to share this with everyone we knew and also help these guys reach a market they otherwise wouldn't. We live a life where we avoid as many chemicals as we can, we try and source everything from as close to home as we can, we make our own toothpaste, our own shaving creams, our dogs get baths with our homemade oatmeal soaps & one of us also makes his own beard oil! We and our families use our products every day, we hope you'll join our family.

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